Ipsy April 2016 – Preview

So I’m really excited for this month’s products!!!

I don’t love the actual bag because It’s not really my style, but I do think my niece would like it so will probably pass it along to her. I am most excited for the highlight trio because I have been really into experimenting with highlighting products lately and look forward to seeing how this one will work out for me. I am least excited for the hair serum because I have an overabundance of these types of products lately and find that they generally just don’t do much for me.

Stay tuned for a review on the bag after I get the chance to try out the products, XOXO.

Did you peak this month? Are you getting any of the same items?

12 thoughts on “Ipsy April 2016 – Preview

  1. marissawagler says:

    I’m getting both the brush & the tarte lip creme! I’m jealous you got the highlighting trio, I had my fingers crossed for either it or the blush and contour palette! I also got a hair treatment that I’m not super excited about, but I’ll survive! 😛


  2. Natalie says:

    Bag cousins? I’m getting the same lip creme and the highlighting trio, a different brush, the other Moroccanoil sample, and a perfume sample. I envy the nail polish you’re getting. That’s one of the things I wanted.


  3. danielleplff says:

    I agree with not being a fan of the bag, but like you, my niece usually takes the ones I don’t want lol. I’m also getting the lip creme, the brush and the hair treatment! I wish I would’ve gotten the highlighting trio.. I’m getting a brightening eyeliner and a cream eyeshadow instead.


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