Walmart Beauty Box – Spring 2016

Did you know that Walmart offers a seasonal beauty box?! It’s $5 per month, which is charged and received around the start of every new season, so 4 times per year. About 6-8 samples are sent in each box and if you are interested you can click here to sign up.

I primarily use the Walmart Beauty Box to stock up on mini-sized items. I love going to the store to buy toiletries right before traveling, although I don’t look forward to the hefty price tag at the end of those shopping trips. For $5 a month with this subscription, I find myself never having to pay those expensive prices anymore because I can stock up on everything I need from these boxes.

Here is what I got in my Spring Beauty Box…


This month I received a good mix of items… toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, body wash, lipstick, and moisturizer. I am most excited for the lipstick (obviously) because I’m totally diggin’ the color and the peach scent. Truthfully, it would have been included in my Springy Pink Lips post had I found it sooner. I’m also excited to try the toothpaste (yes, really) because it claims to work fast to whiten teeth. I’ll probably pass along the shampoo to a friend because it is supposed to lighten hair and I don’t need any of that in my life. The lotion, body wash, and moisturizer I plan to save for trips.

If you are considering signing up for this service, I would recommend keeping your expectations low. You don’t get anything too fancy. It is more geared toward items you would traditionally find at a drugstore. That being said, I have always felt like I get my money worth each month and really do enjoy getting this box!

Do you have a Walmart Beauty Box Subscription? What do you think?

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