Garnier Micellar Water


This product does exactly what it claims to do… removes makeup and cleanses skin.

I primarily use it nightly to take off my eye makeup. The easiest way to do this is to soak a cotton pad in the solution. (Don’t squeeze too hard! It comes out quickly and you don’t need much.) Hold the saturated cotton pad on your closed eyelids and gently wipe away. Voila! Since there is no alcohol or fragrance added, this will not sting your eyes in the slightest. Plus, this bottle is a whole lot cheaper and bigger than most eye makeup removers and works better in my experience .

The second way I use this is to cleanse my face by using the same technique, just all over my skin. Originally I thought this product might replace makeup wipes in my skincare routine, however since I wear a full coverage foundation, I found that I needed quite a few saturated make up pads to remove my makeup. (If you wear a lighter coverage foundation I do think this technique would work well.) Instead, on days I want to feel extra clean, I add this step in after my makeup wipe but before my cleanser to really get every spot of makeup off of my face. Since it is oil free, your skin feels fresh and pores won’t get clogged up.

This is a fantastic, versatile product. I love that it is gentle yet strong on the skin, XOXO.

Have you had a chance to this or other micellar waters yet? Thoughts?

18 thoughts on “Garnier Micellar Water

  1. karrahloves says:

    I just did a review on this too. I felt the same in regards to using it with a full face of makeup. Great product though I plan on purchasing it again.


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