Tea Cup Candle

I have been eyeing up this DIY for awhile now and finally put aside a little time to do it… I am seriously IN LOVE with how it turned out! My in-laws are moving back home from being out of state for several years and I thought this would be a great little house warming gift because my mother-in-law is super into shabby chic. Actually, I like these so much I’m considering making a bunch more and giving them out for Christmas gifts this year.


I think you’ll really love this DIY, too. It’s inexpensive, not at all time-consuming, and would be easy to customize. I got the majority of the items at the dollar store, with the exception of the tea cup. I got that from a resale shop. Altogether this DIY cost me under $5 and took around 30 minutes from start to finish, plus dry time.

-Tea Cup
-Oven Mitts
-Glass Bowl
-Boiling Pot

-Fill pot half full with water and bring to a soft boil.
-Remove wick from candle. Place wick upright in the center of the tea cup.
-Cut candle into smaller pieces and place pieces in the glass bowl.
-Boil wax until it turns to clear liquid.
-Use oven mitts to safely remove glass bowl and funnel to pour wax into tea cup.
-Let stand for several hours to cool and settle.

Marble Mugs

I saw this and instantly knew that I had to try it out…

This is a cheap and quick diy. All you need is… a plastic container, warm water, nail polish, and a white mug. I got my mugs from Dollar Tree and used nail polish I already had at home because (let’s be honest) I have a ton. You will want to use a big enough plastic container to almost completely submerge your mug into.

Start by filling the container with warm water. Pour a few drops of nail polish into the center of the water and work fast to dip your mug. And TA DA you have yourself a super cute marble mug! It’s really that simple, XOXO.