Italian Toscana

This wine is very similar to a Chianti. They are both grown and produced in Tuscany and contain the classic sangiovese grape. The main difference between this Toscana and a Chianti is that this is a bit riper and fruitier. Nonetheless it’s a great table wine that doesn’t need to be overthought, just enjoyed with family. Visit their website here to see more about Petrolo and get lost in the gorgeous photos of Italian landscapes, over a glass of wine of course, XOXO.

Aged Chianti


It’s that time of year where my taste buds start to convince me to put away the red and break out the white. Are there any other red lovers out there who just don’t seem to crave it as much in the warmer weather? Chianti is on the very light spectrum of red so I find that it’s much more satisfying in the heat.

I recently tried this Chianti, which was very drinkable alone although it would pair nicely with a big juicy cheeseburger. It has a light body and is fruit forward on the nose. This wine is aged in french oak barrels for about a year so it has a little deeper type of flavor than others like it. I think it’s a great option for summertime or even for the white wine lovers out there who might want to start getting more in to reds, XOXO.