St. Louis – Day 2

As you may have read in my first post about my recent trip, I really enjoyed a weekend getaway with my husband to St Louis last weekend. Day two brought us a whole new set of adventures!

We woke up early and made our first stop at Gateway Arch, which was more incredible than I thought it would be. I knew it would be a staple for the trip, but didn’t know just how much I would love it. The size, the view, the history… everything about The Arch blew me away.


Our next stop was only a few blocks away, Ballpark Village and Busch Stadium. We aren’t huge baseball fans, yet on road trips we seem to always stop at the nearest ballpark. It’s a great way to experience the raw feel of a city. St Louis wasn’t lacking in fun in this area by any means. Ballpark Village is a FREE area just outside the stadium that is perfect for grabbing a bite, sipping a drink, or just hanging out with other fans. If we ever go back, my husband and I decided we would opt out of actual tickets and just explore more of the village area. Don’t get me wrong, the stadium itself was also really cool. My favorite part was the incredible city view we saw right from our seats.


Day two ended with one last outdoor adventure to City Garden. It reminded me of a tiny Central Park, an outdoor oasis in the middle of the city. Last was lunch at The Flying Saucer and drinks at the best rooftop bar I have ever been to, Three Sixty. The view was incredible and the bar so unique.


That wraps up the highlights of our time spent in St Louis. Overall the trip was so fun!!! It was great to experience a new city for a special occasion, get out and do something a little bit different. There was enough to do that we may consider going back in the future, XOXO.

Have you ever been to St Louis? What was the best thing you did there?

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