St. Louis – Day 1

My husband and I wanted to celebrate our first wedding anniversary with a getaway. We picked St. Louis because it’s a short 5 hour from our house, we had  never  been there before, and the price was right.

The first stop in St. Louis was City Museum and it was one of our favorites of the trip! If you ever get the chance to go, I would highly recommend it. City Museum is hard to describe and even harder to capture on photos. It’s essentially a choose-your-own-adventure, indoor/outdoor playground and museum. There are caves, rides, slides, stairs, cubbies, treehouses, aquariums… you name it and they had it. SO FUN!!!


St. Louis has a great variety of craft breweries and Alpha Brewing Company is the first one we checked out after the museum. They specialize in aged beer, which I had never really heard of before. It wasn’t my favorite but my husband really liked it.


After we hydrating at the bar, we checked out Laclede’s Landing, which as an older part of downtown. (It’s also where I caught my first glimpse of The Arch!). Laclede’s Landing is only a few blocks wide and long but is packed with things to do. The cobblestone streets were so charming and it’s right on The Mississippi River. It was a safe place for us to take a late night walk. We ended the day at Morgan Street Brewery, a brewery/restaurant right in that area.


(Stay tuned for Day 2…)

13 thoughts on “St. Louis – Day 1

  1. andanothermonkey says:

    We honey mooned in Saint Louis last year. You MUST go eat at the Shaved Duck (featured on the food network) and try the loaded fries. Like seriously, do not leave without doing this. You won’t regret it. It’s an amazing city.


  2. floydsolo says:

    I am headed to St. Louis for my bachelor party so I am excited to see you guys had so much fun. I am especially excited about the City Museum. Great quick read thanks


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