MAC Lipstick Wishlist

To be honest, I don’t own a single MAC lipstick. Lately I have been seriously considering investing in 1 or 2 (…or 3 or 5 or 50) because of their amazing reputation! Here are the few I’ve picked out for my wishlist. You check out their website here to create a lipstick wishlist of your own, XOXO.

12 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Wishlist

  1. abisblogx says:

    Love this post and I love Mac lipsticks I currently have four and I don’t plan on keeping it that way!!! my favourite is defiantly velvet teddy you should 1000000000% try it!!! That crosswires shade you’ve picked looks amazing I’ve never heard of it but by the looks of the shade it could be one of my next purchaser’s. I actually have a blog post on my current lipstick collection make sure you check it out as I talk about all my mac ones in it x


  2. beautybutterfliesbethany says:

    I have 3 mac lipsticks and just ordered two more yesterday! They’re super great in the fact they don’t need re-applying every two minutes like some lipsticks do! Diva Antics looks amazing!! Please show us some photos if you do get any of them!

    lots of love


  3. roboex1013 says:

    I’ve disliked every Mac product I have ever tried. They always look dry and cakey on me. I think maybe they don’t work well on really dry skin. I gave up on them. :/


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