Wine & Painting

Hi everyone, I hope that you are loving your weekend and not feeling the “Sunday blues” too hard this evening. I spent some of my Saturday sipping wine and painting with friends (no complaints here) and wanted to share some thoughts I have on the wine & paint experience. I’ve been to three different studios in the Southern Wisconsin area, each of which offer a little something different with the same idea behind it all. If you love wine and can hold a paint brush, I would recommend any of these studios. I can’t pick a favorite (don’t make me!), they are all great options.

So here are my thoughts… XOXO.


Splash Studio

Location: Milwaukee

Thoughts: This was my first ever wine & paint experience so I had no idea what to expect. I came here for my friend’s bachelorette party and the six of us participated in a larger group paint event. The party-type atmosphere was my favorite part! They play upbeat music and the whole place was singing, dancing, and laughing. It definitely feels more like you’re at a bar. This is a bigger studio and it was packed when we went. Beware that because the instructor-to-student ratio is so small, they won’t hesitate to move on if you don’t keep up.



Location: Delafield

Thoughts: I loved my first wine & paint experience so much that I bought my mom a gift card for Christmas to try it out herself… and then I went with :). The class included the two of us and one other painter. There was a lot of opportunity for more one-on-one time with the instructor, who was very willing to help make the piece look the best it could. The instructor took their time to make sure we were able to follow along. This was also more of an intimate setting in a super cute location. The mellow atmosphere was perfect for going with my mom on a weeknight.


Artful Escapes

Location: Madison

Thoughts: My friend’s husband planned a surprise girl’s day out to celebrate her birthday and this was our first stop of the day. He signed the eight of us up for a private event. This was a medium-sized studio. My friend got to pick her favorite painting and our awesome instructor really made us all feel comfortable and relaxed. There was staff assistance available for questions and their help was welcomed by all of us. They did a really nice job of teaching us easy, specific techniques to make our masterpieces look… well pretty good.

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