Marble Mugs

I saw this and instantly knew that I had to try it out…

This is a cheap and quick diy. All you need is… a plastic container, warm water, nail polish, and a white mug. I got my mugs from Dollar Tree and used nail polish I already had at home because (let’s be honest) I have a ton. You will want to use a big enough plastic container to almost completely submerge your mug into.

Start by filling the container with warm water. Pour a few drops of nail polish into the center of the water and work fast to dip your mug. And TA DA you have yourself a super cute marble mug! It’s really that simple, XOXO.

7 thoughts on “Marble Mugs

  1. emmilleriowa says:

    You know, I have tried this before and mine turned out awful! As soon as I dropped the nail polish into the water, it didn’t stay on the surface or even stay together. Instead, it blended with the water, so when I dipped the mug, it just came out kind of icky and with very little color on it. I wonder what I did wrong.


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